Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Honeymoon Is Over!

Soon after the fight in B-R5RB the various reports of the battles scale caused a large spike in new pilot numbers across New Eden.

Now that boost has finally faded away, in fact new pilots are joining at a reduced rate now compared to just before the fight.  It's possible the amount of new pilots were, in part at least, populated by people who had an interest in this type of game in the first place, and now we have to wait for that pool of people to repopulate, hence the reduced numbers.  Another theory is the actual game of Eve Online is quite different to the description in the many news reports, and CCP promotional videos, and now quite a few ex new pilots are spreading the word of this deception.

We may never know.

However we have some graphs!

The first arrow shows the massive boost of new pilots after the B-R5RB battle.  The second arrow shows where we are now, below the new pilot numbers from before this latest public relations coup for CCP.  To the very left of that graph is another new user spike from a previous unknown incident, or even an expansion update as that can sometimes excite the creation of new pilots.

The upcoming Fanfest usually generates some new and exciting videos showing the Eve Universe as CCP wishes it was, and this can generate some buzz, and therefore another boost to new pilot numbers.

The roller coaster continues!

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