Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ye Olde Tymes

I stumbled upon the old dev blogs from 2003, some are interesting in a historical kind of way.

I may have just created a new job description, video game archaeology.

Although actually digging up old Atari 2600 E.T. cartridges buried many years ago is a more hands on form.

Anyway it is quite a startling comparison between those times and the current version of CCP.

For example (verbatim) :

..that if you put two cups of water in the freezer. One at 90°C and one at 18°C, the 90°C one will freeze faster?

Would any one be interested in writing a player blog? It would be a place were players would write about their day to day life in EVE for others to read and comment on.

Also fixed was the globalness of the jettison timer and it reduced to 3 minutes. We need to have the timer, as spurting cans all over the place, puts the hurt on servers and players. Note to miners; using secure-containers to do what you have been using the loot containers, gives you more capacity and password protection of the contents.

Over the 2 months that we have been live, vast amounts of logs have been produced; this has been slowly degrading SQL server performance. It first became and issue last Sunday. Database load coupled with node deaths as a result of that, was the biggest reason for EVE not setting a new simultaneous users record last Sunday (we have set a new record each Sunday since release) and signup/churn last week was more than enough for a new one.


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