Saturday, August 23, 2014

Not Dead Yet


How time flies when you're horribly ill and have to prioritise everything, which of course means this becomes neglected.

But no more!

Until next time anyway...

CCP have seen fit to validate this blog for another year, which I was pretty surprised about, but I guess they know what they're doing.

Don't they?

Anyway another expansion is almost upon us, but the improved update, sorry expansion, frequency has a nasty side effect of more extended down times.  This may not impact much on the non Australians amongst you but it hits us right in the prime time plums.

So that is quite annoying.

The alliance is growing nicely, more corps and more members into our corp.  We are building a nice little community in our pocket of space, which of course I've now ruined by mentioning it.  Ahh well.

I've been thinking about some more fiction, thinking about mapping it out to try and create some sort of continuing story rather than two guys talking in a bar all the time.  Though that could last for quite some time as committing the usual multi hour partially drunken conversation to the written word would fill up quite a few pages I'm sure.

"I love you mate!"

"No, no, no, no ... no, ... yes I love you too mate!"

That sort of stuff.

Before the next expansion comes out, which from memory is called Hyperion, I'll have a look at what we can expect and no doubt provide some ill thought out commentary that manages to get a significant percentage of it wrong.

/me crosses fingers

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