Monday, October 6, 2014

Long Distance Travel Changes

It would seem in the past few days that CCP have dropped a massive bombshell with the long distance travel changes due in the next expansion.

Often I'm loath to call them expansions but this one will be worthy of the description as change it will certainly bring.

Since the announcement the forums have gone nuts, spewing many pages per minute of comments, most of them negative.

Personally I couldn't be happier!  It will bring real change to the game, makes people rethink nearly every aspect of their activities outside of empire space.

We've had some folks, in our alliance,  who almost certainly injured themselves jumping to conclusions and have abandoned null sec or even the game, maybe for a while, maybe forever.

What I'm concerned about is the negative reaction to these changes having a very negative effect on server population, and null security space becoming a ghost town.

Great for making ISK, not so great for PVP and content.

I believe the numbers quoted by CCP will be reduced a bit, if not with the first release then with the next.

The coming few weeks will be interesting to see the level of hysteria the Eve Online population will reach, and what CCP will do about that before the fateful day.


Long Distance Changes

CCP Greyscale's Forum Post about some probable limitations

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