Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Teshkat Intervention

We made the news!

Our alliance, and myself, was involved in a fight in Teshkat to try and save a tower coming out of reinforced that was owned by some new friends of ours.

Little did I know how epic the fight would become!



At 09:30 Eve Time on 11/9/2014, the forces of Silent Infinity began mustering in Ordat local to attack a Violent Declaration POS coming out of RF. The Violent Declaration Executor, MrsM had a CTA scheduled for the timer and FC Hender Eirborn was ready to take on the engagement. Hender began marshaling the assorted Coalition forces and by the time the initial Silent Infinity fleet landed, the forces were fairly evenly matched with the Coalition forces, consisting of the heroic E0N and the awesomely AUStastic League 0f Grumpy 0ld Farts in addition to Violent Declarations, were relatively evenly matched with the forces of Silent Infinity. Silent Infinity had a larger number of Guardians but VD and allies had more dps.

The Silent Infinity fleet initially warped to the cluster of POS mods aligned with Planet V. Hender warped the fleet to a tactical to allow the Guardians to muster. However, before the allied forces could warp down and engage, Silent Infinity warped off the field. With downtime approaching in an hour, Hender ordered shield reps on the POS. This resulted in Silent Infinity sending in a Sniper Eagle and Naga to play cat and mouse with the allied reps.

Realizing that they would be unable to burn down the tower with only their limited subcap dps and unwilling to take a brawl, Silent Infinity lit a cyno on Impro Factory station and began jumping in their Dreads. Crucially, the dreads needed to dock and recharge their cap after jumping before sieging the POS. Hender, recognizing that a brawl with the enemy subcap fleet and enemy dreads at range would result in a slaughter, made the aggressive call for the fleet to warp to the cyno. The move caught the hostile forces napping and their cyno was down nearly instantly. Enemy dreads quickly docked to await their subcaps.

Moments later, the Silent Infinity subcap fleet got a warp in on the Coalition Guardians and came in to engage. However, once again, the quick reactions of Hender and the logistics FC paid off and the allied Guardians were off the field. This was critical as it left the entire enemy subcap fleet stranded some 30 odd kilometer OUT of undock range. Hender successfully punished the AFK for the error a Guardian, followed by enemy battleships were primaried and began dropping like flies under the dps of the allied fleet. Critically, the large number of enemy Guardians were rendered useless by the L0G0F Armageddons who performed near flawlessly. With their subcap fleet evaporating, AFK made a final bid for the tower by undocking their entire Dread fleet and attempting to warp them to the POS before downtime. Allied ships began frantically attempting to tackle warping dreads and, as downtime hit, three hostile Revelations were left trapped on the station while 4 Revelations and a Phoenix had warped to the POS. This was the final mistake Hender would allow the enemy to make.

With their cap fleet now split and their subcaps decimated, Hender ordered a quick login after downtime and began tackling the three hostile Revs trapped on station. Fearful of the weight of Geddons on the field, the AFK dreads began docking. However, at the VD POS, a VD member reported having hero tackled the enemy dreads, forcing them into Siege in an attempt to kill the tower. Hender, joined now by VD PvP Director, Thaddeus Drake, ordered the fleet to warp to the POS to trap the enemy dreads.

Once again the pilots of L0G0F proved invaluable and their Geddons began expertly draining the cap from the sieged dreads. With no sign of enemy reinforcements, the allied fleet quickly burned down the first enemy Revelation while keeping the other dreads capped out and tackled. The Phoenix was next and, with still no sign of enemy assistance, fell quickly under the dps and neuts of the allied forces. The third enemy dread to be targeted was another of the Revs. He was cap dry before even being shot and began to melt quickly under the combined arms fire. However, a call came in from the Tashkat scout. Providence had heard of AFK’s failure and, rather than lose the subcap brawl and 5 dreads to a gang they outnumber 2 to 1 in total and 8 to 0 in capitals without killing the tower, CVA had dispatched an armor gang of HACs and Logistics to attempt to save the dreads.

The enemy gang jumped in from Teshkat and began landing on grid as the third Rev exploded. Hender handed over FC to Thaddeus who switched the fleet over onto the newly arrived subcap fleet. The final two dreads exited the field during the ensuing brawl and, despite the best efforts of the allied forces, there was simply not enough weight of allied Guardians to keep the allied ships up under the newly arrived dps. After getting a few more subcap kills, Thaddeus made the call for the fleet to return to the shield and warp off.
The allied fleet docked up and celebrated a hell of a fight and a hell of win while CVA and pets went back to shooting the single Minmatar Control Tower they had paid 10 billion isk to take down.

At the end of the day, the VD Tower did fall. However, CVA paid dearly for it and the allied coalition showed that they could easily best Silent Infinity despite being outnumbered.