Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Voting Time!

It's voting time.  Yay.

Federal government, state government, local government and CSM!

It's all too much, one of them has to go.

Remove state government and create a department at the federal level that looks after each state or territory.

Which of course keeps the CSM election because who doesn't want to vote for the folks only wanting a free trip to Iceland, that need yet another boost to their inflated egos or are just plain maniacs.

This time we get to choose from over seventy candidates, it would have been over one hundred but thirty odd didn't return their validated identification in time.  That's probably hard to do from jail.

Do they let you play Eve Online in jail?

Yes, yes they do.

Anyway to get a handle on the frankly ludicrous amount of candidates their is a web site that can help.

On a side note what will be the maximum number of potentials, two hundred, three hundred?  Where does it all end?

Have a look here for a web site that will ask you questions on what you think is important in a CSM candidate (the answer my (bodypartis not appropriate) and with any luck that will help you with your final decisions.

Unless of course your a goon or in some large power bloc because you've already been told how you will vote and a CCP stooge will probably check you've voted the correct way.

The penalty for not voting the correct way means you'll have Mittens as a leader.

Oh wait ...

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