Monday, October 17, 2016

The EULA Obscurity

The interesting thing about the recent drama regarding the EULA changes and, at the same time, the banning of third party gambling sites is the ignorance.

The EULA is the backbone of Eve Online and any other game you play, especially ones that are online.

The line in question says that accounts and the contents of those accounts may be deleted if no payment is made on those accounts in ninety days.

Now the interesting thing about that is the fact something similar to that has been in the EULA for quite a long time, but the time period was six months and not ninety days.

Most people don't read EULA's!

What CCP are trying to do is have the ability, and the right, to delete abandoned accounts made by the free accounts of Alpha's that join the game once Eve Online goes Free To Play (FTP).

I'm expecting, and hoping, the addition of the FTP model will drag some new faces into the game, the rather excellent Eve : Valkyrie and to a lesser extent Eve : Gunjack will also point some players in our direction as they wonder about the parent game that provides the content for their shooter.

The concern though, is what sort of player quality do you get with a FTP model?

They will be investing little money into the game, hence the FTP, so are they going to play seriously or just try and stomp around creating havoc for the paid players?

Will this be a bad thing if they do?

Content is king and the influx of new meat may cause ripples in the New Eden pond for quite some time.

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