Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Between the Sheets

On my main computer setup I have four monitors, arranged with three horizontally and one above the centre screen.  That top screen almost exclusively shows me Discord and the Windows task manager so I can keep an eye on resource usage.  In Summer I'll also have some temperatures up there for the CPU, display card, hard drives, etc.

It's been very dry here, I don't mean in game, but all along the east coast of Australia, especially in South East Queensland.  We've been well down on our average rain for a long time, so the various critters that live around here start looking for ways to supplement their moisture input.  Eventually they discover the fact that the house and gardens have moisture, if not water, and they start encroaching on the property.

Most animals are not a problem, kangaroos on the front grass leave in the early morning and not much else is a bother, I rarely have cats fornicating under one of the front windows anymore.

However their is an exception, as almost always their is, and that is ants, many, many ants.

The little intruders get in everywhere looking for that bit of moisture they can scavenge either for themselves or the nest.  So I'm often killing ants using various methods to try and encourage them to stay out of the house.

They are persistent.

One ant, I've named him Bastard, was obviously given the mission to totally piss me off.  I mean really annoy me, so at 2am when I'm inexplicably awake, I still have some sort of visceral hate for the ant known as Bastard.

Using an amount of skill and possibly guile that I'd not previously attributed to any ant, he has somehow crawled into one of my monitors, and then into the part between the image surface you can touch and the TFT part that actually displays the images.  That is a sealed unit on that monitor, nothing can get in there, but The Bastard can.

Not content with merely entering the monitor he makes his way towards nearly the middle, right where a person would normally look at the most when using the screen, and then expires.

So now I have a deceased ant, in a monitor part I cannot get into, mocking me every time I look towards that screen.


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