Thursday, July 20, 2017

Project Discovery - Planetary Transits

Project Discovery - Planetary Transits, which I'm quickly going to shorten as PDPT, is pretty cool.  I certainly identify with it much more than the previous effort which was finding abnormal human body cells to help with some sort of research.  Admirable goals but the current PD is finding alien worlds.  Bugger helping my fellow man, I'm going to find aliens!

At least that seems to be the appeal.

Which I have to admit, I'm also on board for.

While I was looking for transits, and becoming more than a bit frustrated at near misses in my efforts, which will be shown below, I started thinking about the earning potential of PDPT.

If you're a young pilot in Eve Online the ISK you can earn from PDPT, especially if you care about accuracy, isn't to be sneezed at, but for an established pilot it isn't much.

Then I wondered if you could PLEX your account just by using PDPT?

Let's look at the figures, which of course change all the time so this will be somewhat accurate from the slice of time I bothered to look at the market.

These days I can no longer say one PLEX as you now need 500 PLEX to pay for a monthly account, 500 PLEX is roughly worth 1,546,000,000 ISK, a bit over 1.5 billion ISK.

If I'm doing PDPT, and I try to care about accuracy, it hovers around the 65 to 70 percent mark, I can make 610,000 ISK every five minutes, or 122,000 per minute.

That means I need about 12,673 minutes to afford 500 PLEX, assuming the PLEX prices have not moved while I've been banging through PDPT.

Rounding up, that is about 212 hours, and over the period of one month is a hair over 7 hours, per day, every day.

You would receive some of the awards for levelling up in PDPT, which helps the ISK generation, but if you want to spend all month earning ISK via PDPT, so you can pay for another month, it can be done.

However I wouldn't recommend it.

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