Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Friends


So as you can read from here I have left Sto-vo-kor after about nine months.  Essentially some of the old guard left, then some others and all that was left was myself, a couple of old members and a bunch of new ones.

For some reason the dynamic had changed and I decided to head back too YHI, just in time for a nasty little high security war which you can also read about at the above link.

Getting away from the war though I was sitting in Olo and one of the old Stov members who left first did the total “Oh my god it’s Yosagi” thing, so we chatted for a while.

Then I was invited/dragged into a public chat channel which as it turned out is a refuge for old Stov members, like some sort of halfway house or retirement home.  It was awesome, I had a massive grin.

So chatted with them for a while and one by one they discovered I had also left Stov, turns out I was regarded as one of the old guard. Nobody was more surprised than me.

So anyway a rough plan is formed for the future which is subject to change, so not really worth passing more information on at the moment.

You’ll have to figure out how the header image applies to this post, I just liked it.

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