Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More CQ Stuff

Strap in for some links and responses.  Ready?  Let's go!

A couple of days ago I was talking about the new Captains Quarters (CQ), linked here.

Linked here (Diary of a Pod Pilot) are some reactions to various blog posts, including mine, talking about the CQ.

My paraphrased response:

I had a different vision for the CQ, that's fine, no real right or wrong there, and perhaps once more information is released the two visions will converge more.
One of my main concerns was the possibility of breaking the immersion with every pilot being given a large CQ in the station which could not possibly fit that amount of m3.  If they go the other way and pilots only have a CQ if they purchase one, or everybody has a very small one, like the "room" that Korban Dallas has in The Fifth Element. They can then upgrade the CQ if they wish but it would be priced based on the limited space in the station then it would make more sense to me.

Responses on a postcard.

To further answer this I was struggling to find the positive in the CQ announcement as how does it help a spaceship combat game?  Eve Online is only a spaceship combat game now.  CCP's vision has always been to expand the game to become a space simulator, so the combination of the evolved Eve Online, Incarna and DUST514 would go a very long way towards meeting this vision.

Eve Online is changing, but it is becoming the vision rather than moving away from it.

Of interest is the official CCP forum post and responses here.

I have read most of the response pages and they are generally positive.

The bitter old vets (BOV) may be bitching and whining about CQ and by extension Incarna, I'm not sure if I'm classed as a BOV, others can judge that, but I am tentatively happy about CQ and Incarna.

I will be watching Fanfest with great interest to flesh out this preliminary information, roll on four weeks time!


  1. Hmm, now I see what you meant with the responses being positive, I was talking about forum posts in general, aka the bitter posts that got locked up and cleared out. Didn't feel like giving them more attention by linking to them.

    And yeah, EVE is going to change, and that can have people a little upset, but what baffles me about it is that older players who should have grown up with this vision in the making are the ones so surprised. Newer players, I can understand somewhat, but they also tend to be the positive ones. Unless they are a BNV (bitter new vet) :D

  2. Many of the BOV's don't want their precious game to change and the newer people seem to be happy with the vision.

    The path CCP is treading is really interesting but the public response even more so.

    BTW I'm going to "borrow" the BNV acronym :-)