Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eve Online Web Sites I Use

Over time I've collected a set of useful web sites that help me navigate the Eve space lanes, you may also find them worthy of a visit. < Helpful for those mission runners as it helps plan your damage resists and ammo selection, not to mention the structure of certain missions. < Want to know what's happening in New Eden or even just your own alliance? Then go here, you'd be amazed the information available. < One of the Eve Online news services, the web site can have some flaky availability times but it's well worth the read, even if only to view the responses to the many posts. < Does your alliance have jump bridges?  You don't really know where they are?  What about the blue jump bridges?  Well this site can help plan your route once your limited API has been entered.  It will also let you know about ship kills on your route to try and warn you about bad times ahead. < One of the two sites I use to check up on a pilots kill mail to learn more about them. < This is the other one. < PI getting you down?  Every man and his dog is making what you're making and the price just goes down and down?  Then have a look at this, change your ways and make that wallet more green than red! < Damn you're sexy!  Now you can view yourself in several resolutions and also other people if you must. < Chribba's site that improves on the current Eve Online forums with included images and a search function that works.  Also has the Agent Search site to find those agents that fit your needs better than a velvet glove. < Last but not least, when you've exhausted all the above options you can visit here, it is the official site after all.

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