Monday, April 25, 2011

First Look at the Captains Quarters

I must admit when I first saw one of the now many Youtube videos showing the alpha version of the Captains Quarters I was quite underwhelmed,  to me it just seems like a long winded way to perform our current tasks.

With luck when the beta and full release comes out the look will improve, I'd be very surprised if it doesn't.  The "win button" will come when I can invite another pod pilot into my quarters, or even just stroll along the promenade and view the other pilots doing the same.

This is a step in the right direction of which will be a long journey.

Posted below are some images taken by a corp member of mine, Opije, and his thoughts on the alpha version of the Captains Quarters.

Also have a look at the probably superior blog Diary of a Pod Pilot for some more views and another perspective.

From a Corpie (Opije):

I took a little field trip on to the new Duality server to test the new Captain Quarters. I decided I would take a few screenshots just to show others what it was like at this point. Ill be honest I was even happy I got these screenshots, the client is so buggy it took me at least half hour to get what slightly looks like a man standing in complete darkness. After relogging a few times it finally decided to behave and this is what is shown below.

There is still obvious lighting issues and lot of texture bugs but I guess all will be fixed soon™. Man do I love seeing my ship from that perspective though. 

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