Friday, April 8, 2011


The pseudo intellectual blow hard known as Mittens, or "The Mittani" if you prefer, is already trying to step into the limelight with an "interview" on the

The direct link to the article is here.

The Eve Online forum response (via Eve Search) is here.

The contradictions in the "interview" are remarkable, if Mittens serves his full CSM6 term I will be astounded!

Somebody would have to be running a pool or a sweep on how long he's going to be in office surely!

The one thing I do agree with however is the official and un-official Eve Online forums and the various blogs do not represent the majority of the Eve Online player base, merely the vocal minority.

Also note that only about 11% of the total Eve Online population voted for anybody in CSM6, and of that 11% a much smaller percentage voted for Mittens, as mentioned here.

A fraction of a fraction does not a mandate make.

As CCP has the next year or more mapped out all the current CSM can hope to do is nudge CCP in a direction and hope for the best, I suspect this will not sit well with the current Chairman.

Should be interesting then.

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