Monday, April 11, 2011

QEN for 2010 and some Math!

The final QEN for 2010 has finally been made available here, obviously this is being delivered late but it would seem CCP wanted to time the release with Fanfest.

We are now overdue for the first QEN of 2011, admittedly by only a few days so far but if past performance is anything to go by we'll be waiting a while.

On page 18 of the final QEN for 2010 is some interesting figures.

Combining ISK in active accounts and also corporate accounts gives a total of 291 trillion ISK as of the end of December 2010.

PLEX at the same time was 250 million ISK.

We know from the Eve Online store that a 60 day PLEX is $34.99 in US dollars, so a now mythical 30 day PLEX would be $17.495 in US dollars (I didn't round it for a reason you'll soon see).

So doing some simple math we divide 291 trillion by 250 million which gives us the figure of 1,164,000 PLEX's, multiply that by the $17.495 and we arrive at the figure of $20,364,180.00

So in game at the end of December 2010, ignoring inactive accounts, was over twenty million in US dollars assuming you convert all that into PLEX and then into US dollars.

Which you cannot.

Interesting all the same.

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