Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Roaming and NAP

As mentioned on other occasions I don't usually post about nightly roams as essentially they are all the same and unless something notable happens they're not worth the virtual ink.

However a couple of nights ago we fleeted up and left home for a target system about 25 jumps away, didn't see much on the way, our fleet numbers and composition was good so discretion being the better part of valour the few we did see did not engage.

Eventually we arrived in the penultimate system, organised who was going to bubble the station, who would warp to the belts, and we all warped in, to find the system empty.

Rather a letdown, but we laughed about it.

We headed back and only a few jumps had gone by when we received word a ship had approached the gate in the next system and had jumped into ours.  Bubble up!

With the bubble up we launched drones and orbited at optimal range waiting for the bad guy to uncloak, and he did, in a shuttle!

Talk about an anti climax, we destroyed the shuttle and then the pod.

We had probably a couple of billion ISK worth of fleet and so far we've destroyed a shuttle.

We are awesome.

So we had another laugh about that and headed for home as it's getting late.  About six jumps away from home, after once again seeing not much on the way, stumbled across a Hurricane and Muninn which we proceeded to destroy for no loss, which rescued the fleets status for that night as only a shuttle kill would have been embarrassing.

The most interesting thing from the roam was at some point we passed through a system with some Bruce guys in there, who immediately contacted our higher ups to organise a non aggression pact (NAP).  They didn't even try to fight or talk with us in whatever system it was they were in.

They sound like a great target to make their life a misery.

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