Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's just a jump to the left!

In my response to Blog Banter #25 part of my post mentioned how jump bridges should be changed.

Well CCP have obviously read my post (almost certainly not) and have decided to change the Jump Bridge system amongst other things.

Here is the post in question and what follows is a selection of text from that Dev Blog.

"The second and third changes will go in next month, with the main patch. We will be limiting the number of jumpbridges you can have in a system to one, while upping the fuelbay to 30.000 (3x) to avoid suicide among players who do logistics. We would suggest you start reconfiguring your jumpbridge network as soon as possible."

Essentially what this will do is force ships using a Jump Bridge network to utilise the local jump gates to access the next Jump Bridge device.

Or maybe not as Eve players are a resourceful lot and often find ways around these obstacles to life.

Reorganising the existing Jump Bridge networks will be a major headache for somebody who isn't me thankfully.  Fitting in those reconfigured networks within existing political boundaries should provide some opportunity for conflict.

All those shiny, expensive ships moving various things around ripe for the plucking, blockading jump gates between Jump Bridge systems.

It has the potential to be very interesting.


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