Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DUST514 & PS3

The countdown at www.dust514.com has completed.

Now showing is the Sony presentation from E3.

So DUST514 will be on the Sony PS3 platform which is nice, although if it was available on both platforms it would bring the niche game to a larger potential audience.

The introduction mentioned that most if not all of the games showcased during the presentation would be playable at E3 afterwards.

Potentially this means DUST514 is now in a playable state and possibly ready for release. (Sadly no, see below)

More information as it's available.

Edit - So far the presentation has showed 3D and is currently show casing the Move games.  I hope DUST514 is not a Move game.

It is remarkable how good some of the games shown so far look.

Fall 2011 (my Spring) seems to be the common date for availability.

Edit 2 - Hilmar!  Here is the DUST514 news!  

It will support the Move controller, but my interpretation is you can also use normal controllers.

The presentation video looked good, crowd didn't make much noise before or after.

ISK amounts were put on the body armour of soldiers, vehicles and other things, looks like I have to start saving up.

This assumes the video has any relation to reality, something CCP doesn't have a great history with.

I feel the video and Hilmar could have explained things a bit more but if E3 is held at the same time in 2012 then a more detailed presentation could be given as the release of DUST514 would happen at about the same time.

Spring (Autumn in XXXX land?) 2012 for full release and closed beta at the end of 2011.

The presentation video is here!

Edit 3 - The Street Fighter 3 vs Tekken game received the biggest gasp and then applause after the display video.  So perhaps this was not the best audience for Eve Online and DUST514.

Uncharted 3 was easily the best display video and game from the entire presentation, though the latest Little Big Planet looked awesome from a choice point of view.

The "post game" presenters mentioned DUST514, but then said it is a playable game like the others on show which is incorrect.  I would be VERY surprised if attendees were able to play DUST514 in the arcade section of the Sony E3 "booth".

Many of the games were talked about, their display videos repeated, DUST514 was not mentioned any further.

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