Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In The Deep End

My usual morning routine is a login to Eve and check out last nights activities via corporation and alliance messages, market sales, trending prices for those items I'm interested in etc.

Except this morning I was not able to do this as a DDOS attack has rendered the Eve servers offline, apparently pulled by CCP themselves for security reasons.  I'm now hoping the CC info is secure.

Last night, when the game was working, we went on a small roam a few jumps away from our home systems to try and keep the reds off balance.  The fleet was slow in forming and less than ten finally joined so we camped a gate for a short while, missed out on a red Hound which turned up just as we were setting up, and then nothing else came through.  The Fleet Commander (FC) then had a phone call and could somebody else FC the fleet.  We didn't have any other "official" FC's in the fleet as it turned out.

So with no objections I took over the duties, the now absent FC had given us a destination and a mission, so we proceeded a few jumps and then camped another gate.  I sent a scout in each direction to see what they could see.  The first scout found no ships in his four jumps away from us so he returned, the second scout found a couple of reds and nuets in the system next door, and then the mother load of reds in the next system from that, about sixty of them.

So the situation at that time was our fleet numbered ten at best, we had a red system two jumps away of sixty plus, and we had a neutral in our system most probably reporting our location and composition to undesirable elements.

It was time to leave.

Happily the trip home was uneventful, the fleet mostly followed commands, and what was a standard roam turned into something slightly more interesting.

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