Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon

Logged on to word of an alliance carrier under attack about six jumps away, he was pointed and could not disengage.

Fleet forms up, not as quickly as we'd like.

Fleet comms channel also starts filling, people keep asking the same questions.

Fleet composition is poor, too much time is wasted.

The carrier is destroyed.

Fleet keeps filling so the Fleet Commander (FC) decides to try and chase them, to make them pay.

We finally leave the system but the bad guys are running, after chasing for a few systems they get away.

One of our blue alliance friends reports contact with a different group of reds.

We ask if they need help but the response is long in coming.

After making our way back to base the blues then ask for help, the fleet heads for the first of the Jump Bridge (JB) points.

The blues are now in combat, we are three JB's away, fleet burns for destination system.

Just as the bulk of our fleet is due to arrive the reds disengage, we form up and wait for instructions.

Finally our fleet merges with the blues, we are now one entitiy.

Bouncing around gates the now engorged blue fleet finally stumbles upon the reds, but they are already warping away.

We quickly turn around and are told to warp to zero on a red gate and wait for primary and secondary targets.

The overview fills up with red and orange names, targets are called, I can't find them initially so just choose the closest ship I can hurt.

Then I start finding the called targets and switch to them.

Approach the anchor ship, micro warp pulsing, targetting and attacking targets.

My drones have to be told several times to attack a ship, lag is a slight problem.

Bubbles go up, not sure whose, I'm out of the bubbles and also too far from the bad guys, re-approach the anchor ship.

We seem to be cherry picking their logistic and expensive ships, they go down.

The reds leave via the gate, we have the field, wrecks and abandoned drones are everywhere.

The blues are in disarray, I pull my drones in, my ship sustained no damage.

We re-approach gate, some are busy looting wrecked ships.

Suddenly the warp command is given as the reds have been spotted again, ships warp leaving their now abandoned drones behind.

We harrass the reds through a number of gates, sometimes targetting a few of them, destroying one or two.

Our fleet now badly outnumbers theirs.

We finally meet their fleet again, few if any of the reds try to engage, they know their day is done.

The reds jump through the gate and are gone.

We pushed them from each battlefield and won the day.

Losses were light.

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