Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roaming For Bricks

Moving aside the current drama with the Captains Quarters, Noble Exchange and the Fearless document for a moment, last night we went on a roam.

Though to be fair it was a roam in response to a Brick fleet that passed through our home systems, we wanted to engage and destroy them.

So a fleet was called, it was slow in forming but eventually gathered enough numbers with the correct support ships.  By this stage the Brick fleet had moved on, seemingly out of range of the intelligence network as they were giving us nothing.

Our composition was good so leaving our home systems we headed towards their last know location, which of course they've left by now.

Jumped the fleet around a few systems, finally gathered some good intelligence and headed for the appropriate jump bridge.

Now with the Incarna expansion the jump bridge network has changed to one per system only, so we are still figuring out where all the new jump bridges are.

The fleet jumps through to the target system, then a couple more gates and sets up the camp.  Intelligence has the Brick fleet trapped in a pocket, they must exit via our camp.

We wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Finally some gate fire!

Some unlucky Brick Squad member has decided to head for bed on his own and jumped into our camped system flying a Sansha cruiser.  His ship is destroyed and via the pod express system can now log off earlier than he expected two minutes ago.

Not long afterwards the Brick fleet decides to jump through the gate and into our camp.

They break cloak in dribs and drabs, none of them try to engage us and they all re-approach the gate as fast as they can and jump back through the gate.

Their fleet is about the same size as ours, we don't really understand the reasoning.

It was quite rightly pointed out that Convicted in the same situation would most likely jump through into the camp, hold cloaks, then de-cloak as one and engage.  Likely losing some ships but also taking as many down with us as we could.  Given the composition of the Brick fleet that tactic probably would have worked.

Then it dawned on us.  They had no logistics.

No logistics!

You may have been able to fly around a couple of years ago with no logistics ships but in this modern age it's basically group suicide.

Maybe it was the Brick B or even C team?

I've been on the receiving end of a Brick hit squad and I thought they were better than this, how times change.

We waited for Brick to get their act together and fight like men, it was not too be.

Finally sick of waiting we headed home and docked up.

The effect of the current drama on good old fashioned roaming and fleet operations?

None at all.

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