Saturday, July 9, 2011

Competitions Downunder

CCP released this video showcasing how one pilot can make a difference in a fleet fight, also the depiction of combat is much closer to the reality than previous efforts.

Well worth a look.

However, in the comments section, linked here, is this text;

"We'll also have two side voting contests on best still image and best video. There will be some freegraphics cards and a high end PC as prizes for those. If you live in Australia, you're not likely to be able to participate - your laws are real damn hard. We promise to do a contest just for Australia at some point though, because their laws are just that damn hard."

At first when I read it I was all "Cool we get a shout out", but then soon afterwards "What the hell!".

We are shafted with DT every night, shafted when patches are released which cause a long DT, and now shafted with competitions.

If it's hard CCP then you need to try harder!

Admittedly our population makes up less than 3% of the total Eve Online numbers but dealing with these issues because of our geography is bloody frustrating at times.

Good thing our dollar is so strong otherwise I'd be really pissed off. :-)


  1. Yeah at least we live in the best country in the world and all :)

  2. Very true, though to be fair many people also believe the same thing about their own country, it's unkind to correct them.