Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The D-W Turkey Shoot

It had been a busy night.

The first fleet was called to intercept a combined Brick and Morsus Mihi (MM) fleet which had passed through our home systems and was now a few jumps beyond.  We managed to gather a fleet that was slightly less in number than their fleet but was clearly outclassed in quality, they had slightly more logistics and some T3 ships.

When we couldn't wait anymore the fleet left home and headed towards their last known location.  After a few minutes we found where they were and camped the exit gate they had to take to get back home.

We waited.

One of their scouts jumped in, cloaked up, and kept an eye on our gate camp.

Another of their scouts jumped in and did the same, we waited some more.

MM and Brick are not known to take on enemy fleets similar in composition so we were not sure if they would engage or just run out the clock until downtime (DT) and try their luck afterwards.

Surprisingly, at least to me, our scout on the other side of the gate, the side with the red fleet, said they were jumping into us, local started filling with reds.

They broke their cloaks at pretty much the same time and started engaging us, they hit our logistics ships first.  We tried hitting theirs and then switched back and forth to their DPS ships and back again, we managed to kill quite a few of their forces but the tide of the battle was increasingly against us.

I had been pretty lucky so far, only one ship targetted me and the ECM drones took care of him, once his lock was broken they then went back to ruining the day of some enemy logistics pilot.  However the bad guys were dropping warp bubbles everywhere to stop us getting away, I aligned for the jump bridge as the situation was deteriorating and leaving was soon going to be a priority.

Suddenly two thirds of their fleet targets me and I start taking shield damage, with our logistics almost certainly destroyed by this stage, and I've moved out of the bubbles, I warped away to the jump bridge.

My intention was to warp back and re-enter the fight, but just as I'm about to leave warp the FC calls for the fleet to "get out", so no need to go back then.

One third of our ships survived the battle compared to about half of theirs, but we lost the ISK war.


The remains of our fleet then went back home but we had an advantage.  Our home is further along the path the red fleet had to take to head back towards their own home systems, so we would get another bite at the cherry.  However we could once again field a full fleet but the red fleet was depleted and no reinforcements were coming.

We camped the choke point and waited.

This time they didn't risk attacking our camp and did run the clock out until DT.

DT finished a bit early and they are making a run for it, but not as a fleet, at least four of their ships are destroyed by our waiting camp going some way towards improving the result of the first battle.

We hang around for a while but it's obvious the remainder are not going to try and leave anytime soon so the fleet stands down.

Soon afterwards it's stood back up again as a T1 cruiser fleet for "goodtimes", essentially a suicide fleet.

I have a spare rupture I can throw onto the pyre, so quickly grabbing some modules to fit it out we undock and head out.

Not far away we arrive at the D-W gate, our scouts are reporting another good size fleet, this time mostly Brick Squad with a few others.

They jump through with their Drakes, we don't engage and after enough Drake's have jumped in we cross jump them into D-W where the rest of their fleet is.

Then their fleet dies.

slightly polluted by some reds on the blue side of the kb

It was an intense fight that once again I survived, lets hear it for the letter Y!!!

One of the best nights I've had in Eve Online for a while.

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