Saturday, July 23, 2011


We had a nice home once, but we should have known it was temporary.

In our ignorance we destroyed the local NPC's, formed fleets, roamed against our enemies.

Things were good.

Over time the nature of our enemies changed, moving from a combination of colours to only one.

Our kills against them grew but also did their strength.

Soon our structures were under attack, enemy super capitals and titans seem strewn around our home systems.

It's all happened so quickly.

The leadership calls for evacuation, many of the individual members have already started moving their gear out.

My ships and equipment appeared stuck in our staging station, camped by hundreds of red ships, seemingly never to leave.

Twenty four hours later and the systems were clear, I have a narrow window of opportunity.  Myself and some others move our assets to Fountain while other pilots, more fortunate in having already moved or even lost their assets, run a fleet to protect the on-going evacuation.

Arrived panting and exhausted on the shores of Fountain with the red hordes once again closing in on our previous home in Delve, thankful anything of value is now safer than it was.

Rest, re-arm, re-load, undock.

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