Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yosagi Gets Angry

We had a Call To Arms (CTA) tonight to deal with some timers that were coming out.  We expected a fight, we certainly got one, they outnumbered us and outclassed us so we left the field.

A couple of pilots questioned this as they wanted to throw their ships on the pyre for some unknown reason.

Morale is very important in an alliance.  If morale drops, pilots logging in also drops and soon you have many less systems because you cannot defend them with whatever logs in.

Picking your fights, finding the fleets you have a chance against can help morale, not to mention the logistics chain.

Constantly replacing ships can be tough the deeper into null security space an alliance is.  This is also usually a cost to the individual pilots, it certainly is in most cases for us.

Maybe the larger alliances can afford to lose fleet after fleet to a superior enemy on the day, but the smaller alliances just cannot afford this in lost morale or ISK.

When a CTA is called in our corporation the tax rate is set to 100% and reduced back to normal level after the CTA is done, this is reasonably normal across New Eden.

Tonight we had a corporation member who was in high security space, we are supposed to be a PVP corporation, asked us to reduce the tax rate so he could shoot "rats" and he "doesn't gave a f**k" about the CTA.  Membership gold right there.

Then another guy pipes up about wanting to leave his seven alt's logged in during the day!  You have got to be kidding me!!

Having to explain why that's a bad thing is just stunning!  In a carebear mission running corporation sure that would be fine, but a PVP one?  The corp needs to know who can be called upon on short notice, if Mrs Palmer and her daughters are off thumping out some knuckle babies this doesn't help the corp when a red fleet enters without knocking!

The need to explain this stuff probably means it'll be never understood by the pilot on the receiving end.

I'm getting a drink.

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