Monday, August 15, 2011

The Walking Ponzi Dead

Yosagi emerges from the fog of the past couple of weeks, looks around and is not surprised at the decay.

Being kicked around for two weeks by "not the flu but we don't really know" I have finally found some enthusiasm to post again.


Logging in and also checking DOTLAN shows the continual decline of the alliance.  Another corporation left, this time with no fake goodbye.  Usually we are sent this...

"Hey guys it's not you it's us.  We just need some time to re-structure the corporation.  At some point in the future we want to re-join the alliance once we have sorted out our issues.  Etc, etc, etc"

Two days later they join another alliance, often the mob that we've been shooting for the past amount of time.


In other news another scam has burst upon New Eden from the guys at Phaser Inc, this time to the tune of one trillion ISK, or roughly fifty to fifty five thousand dollars (they did the math for me this time), have a look at for the details.

It's about twenty percent higher than the last big scam, it was a Ponzi of course and many people in the market channel suspected as much, but they still took money from thousands of players.

To be honest it's not as big a deal as some people are making it out to be, it's a scam, it's not much more than the last "big" scam, and it's all in Eve Online.

I don't care much about it, but then again I saw it as an obvious scam and lost nothing.

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