Monday, October 29, 2012

Red vs Blue

I threw an unused character into the endless Eve Online conflict known as Red vs Blue (RvB).

I created her a while ago to experience the new player journey, just one week before CCP changed it all, hence why I haven't written about it here.  However I quite liked the name and look so she still exists.

RvB is in constant battle.  Last time I checked "we" were in more than a dozen wars and fights can be had at any time.  The types of fights are very different though.

The first are the organised pure Red versus Blue ones organised in and around their Headquarters.  Getting kills in these is not a problem, neither is getting killed, but the emptiness of it all leaves a hollow feeling in my stomach.

My heart does not race and I care little about the result.

It's fairly pointless.

The second type are the wars against other corps which provide more excitement as these guys often don't want to lose their ships and the stakes are higher.  As my character started off with minimal skill points I've not been able to make much of a mark against these flyers as yet, typically they have higher skill points than a disposable "scrub" thrown into the RvB melee, but this is by far the more interesting of the two types of fights.

From what I can see the RvB concept seems to be some sort of solution to the waiting in station and/or "blue balling" that has infected null sec warfare of late.

Could just be our null sec warfare though.

Is RvB worth the trouble?

Sure it is, as an aside to the main game.

I'm quite sure doing it 23.5/7 would be soul destroying in the long term.

Then again plenty of pilots in the Eve Online universe have never stepped out of high sec and don't know any better.

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