Saturday, 25 August 2018

L0G0F T1 Cruiser Tournament Sept 2018

Round One

Lord Czar (Vexor) vs Tekkaa (Bellicose) - Winner Lord Czar

Major Panther (Arbitrator) vs Hellrazor24601 (Rupture) - Winner Major Panther

Grey Area Aka-MF (Vexor) vs Scazzy Auduin (Vexor) - Winner Scazzy Auduin

Oh hi Denny (Caracal) vs Redone6 Sixonered (Thorax) - Winner Redone6 Sixonered

Revi Xadi - Bye

Round Two

Redone6 Sixonered (Thorax) vs Revi Xadi (Maller) - Winner Revi Xadi

All other pilots have a bye in Round Two.

Round Three

Lord Czar (Arbitrator) vs Major Panther (Arbitrator) - Winner TBA

Scazzy Auduin (TBA) vs Revi Xadi (TBA) - Winner TBA

The losers of Round Three will be put into the semi final to determine third place.  This means you'll need a cruiser for that round.


Here are the rules for the Alliance Cruiser Tournament II September 2018.

The planned first round date is Monday the 3rd of September 2018.

Mail Yosagi Yojimbo in game if you wish to take part, no need to nominate ships until the ladder has been created and the nominations for the first round have been called for.

Our previous tournament -


1. Standard Cruiser T1 hulls only. No faction, no pirate, no T2, etc.

2. Modules T1 or T2 only, no faction, officer etc.

2a. ECM modules or drones are not permitted.

3. Rigs T1 only.

4. Drones T1 or T2 only.

5. Ammo - no limitation.

6. Implants - no limitation.

7. Boosters - no limitation.

8. Only one entry per pilot per real life alliance member.

9. Pilots must be in the same fleet as each other.

9a. Pilots are not to fleet, wing, or squad warp the other pilot anywhere.

9b. No podding.

10. Use the in game DUELLING function to initiate combat.

11. One pilot within 100km of the Azbel, the other within 100km of the Rait, start duel, warp, fight.

11a. Both pilots must warp away from a citadel and remain away from any citadels and remain un-tethered for the duration of the fight.  (NEW 29/08/18)

12. Both pilots must stay in the solar system, leaving the solar system will forfeit the fight, winner should SS for proof.

12a. Fights will be performed in Sadye.

13. No ISK buy in required to participate.

14. Pilot seeding will be based on the pilots in game age.

15. For each round the pilot will nominate which ship they will be using, they will then be restricted to that ship for that round.

16. For the next round a different, or the same ship can be nominated.

17. Once the ship type the pilot nominates is posted in game to Yosagi Yojimbo
(YY), that ship type is fixed for that round.

18. Once all the ship types for a round have been received by YY, all the ship types, and opponents for that round will be posted online for all to see at the YY-GE blog.

18a. Should a pilot not use their posted ship type they will forfeit the fight.

18b. Should both pilots not use their posted ship type they will both forfeit the fight.

19. Pilots will then have 48 hours from the following Eve Online Down Time (DT) after the round details are posted to organise and complete their fights, the winner then needs to mail YY the kill mail details.

20. Both pilots need to make their best efforts to organise the fight between each other, attend and complete the fight.  Failure to complete the fight within the specified time will leave the final result to YY's discretion.

21. Once undocked for the duel the pilot cannot redock until the fight is concluded.

22. A fight is concluded once a kill mail is generated.

23. In the event of a double kill mail the one with the earlier time stamp will be declared the winner.

24. If the double kill mails time stamps are identical then the younger pilot will be declared the winner, as the older pilot really should be better than that.

25. Draft and final rules will be posted on a web page at YY-GE blog, that same page will then be updated with the pilot seeding, posted ships the pilots intend to use, and the results as they all become available.

26. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Very Interesting Losing Fit (VILF).

27. The Single Elimination Tournament format will be used -

28. Prizes currently include but are not limited to, T1 and T2 SKINS, ISK, ship or ships.

29. All rules are subject to change.

30. If rule changes are required the changes will be posted at YY-GE blog between rounds and other places time permitting.

31. YY has the final say on all aspect and rules of this competition.

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