Wednesday, 22 April 2020

News Roundup and Some Other Stuff

Oh, and for those keeping score at home, I did not receive a reply from CCP for this.

Never mind.

I suppose we need some sort of presenter for the sometimes monthly posts here, how about one from CCP?  Well sort of anyway.

Masquerading as an unhappy 1980's East German girls gymnastics coach
Please don't ban me!   :-)

Eve Russia Cancelled

Eve Russia was cancelled.  No surprises there.  I don't see many large events happening before October 2020, and even that will be too soon for some places the virus has barely touched yet.

Surgical Strike

Ahh yes the great nerf of 2020, over and above, at least in some minds, the other great nerf of 2020, COVID-19 I'm looking at you.  Everyone will adjust.  It's happened before, it'll happen again.  We need change or Eve Online will grow stale.  Staler.  Stalest.  Huh?  Either they are actually words or the spell check has just thrown its virtual hands up in the air and has left for the day. 


Nope, still here.

In hindsight, that could be a place in Iceland.

Some SKIN or something

Boring, don't care.

The Hunt was live

This was an interesting one, and I saw plenty of the strange pods laying about, so it seems some folks gave it a go.  Wasn't able to myself, became rather busy.

That is it.

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